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Conscious Sedation

We often meet new patients who are very nervous about dental treatment, especially those who have not visited the dentist for a long time.

Usually, these patients are really surprised to discover how much dentistry has changed. The whole treatment process and patient experience these days is very different to that of even a few years ago, especially at Portmore, where we pride ourselves on uncompromising patient care.

Usually after a few visits, even anxious patients begin to feel more relaxed and even start to enjoy their visits to the practice. Read more

But for some patients, even the thought of coming in ignites a fear so strong that they put off having dental treatment for many years. They might live in pain or discomfort and suffer from social embarrassment and low self-esteem because of a less than perfect smile. Dental anxiety can even affect people economically, if they feel too uncomfortable with their appearance to go to work.

We can offer you conscious sedation if you suffer from extreme dental anxiety or you feel you could benefit from being calmer for your first few appointments. Dental sedation is extremely safe. Patients often fall asleep during the treatment and lose track of time, so the appointment may only seem like a few minutes.

Our sedationists are qualified GPs and deliver one to one patient care, guiding their patient through the experience. You will be able to hear and respond to commands, even if you drift off at times.

We often find that after a few visits with sedation, patients naturally start to overcome their fear as they begin to feel comfortable with our team.

Who can have sedation?

  • Dental phobics
  • Needle phobics
  • Fear of dental treatments
  • Phobia of dental sounds and smells
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Sensitive gag reflex or difficulty opening mouth
  • Difficulty with anaesthesia (getting numb)
  • Those wanting a more relaxed overall experience
  • Undergoing long periods of treatment
  • Undergoing complex surgical procedures such as dental implants or extractions
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This is a really, really special place.

"Mr Styger, endeavors to do the very best he can. He really gave me a very nice smile and one that I'm now proud of."

Benefits of implants for missing teeth

  • They are the next best thing to your natural teeth
  • You can eat, laugh and smile with confidence again
  • They protect your surrounding teeth and bone
  • They last for life when cared for properly

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