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Advanced Healing with PRGF

Plasma Rich in Growth Factors (PRGF) is a recent technology that is transforming the patient experience in dentistry because it speeds up healing and transforms the way dentists carried out treatment.

Thinking about the recovery time following a procedure can deter patients from dental treatments they stand to benefit from for fear that they won’t be able to eat or will be uncomfortable.

However, the PRGF system means that treatment can be undertaken with minimal disruption to your normal routine, and it offers greater comfort post-treatment. Read more

PRGF works by taking a small amount of blood from the patient and placing it in a centrifuge-spinning device to isolate a type of protein from the sample. These proteins are used by our bodies in tissue healing, encouraging regeneration.

By applying this protein to the area of treatment or surgery, patients are able to accelerate their own natural healing process.

It’s a procedure that helps the body in a non-chemical, non-invasive way and has already been used widely across Europe.

Benefits of PRGF

  • Decreased inflammation and pain
  • Reduced recovery period, with some patients returning to work the next day
  • A trusted and proven technique
  • Totally safe and biocompatible
  • The only treatment of its kind with European (CE) and American (FDA) approval
  • Technology backed by clinical testing
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Benefits of implants for missing teeth

  • They are the next best thing to your natural teeth
  • You can eat, laugh and smile with confidence again
  • They protect your surrounding teeth and bone
  • They last for life when cared for properly

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