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All On 4 (Same Day Teeth)

We are delighted to be able to offer Same Day Teeth using the All On 4 concept. This means patients with removable dentures or failing bridgework can receive a full mouth of permanent, fixed teeth in just one visit.

By placing a minimum of four dental implants in strategic, sometimes tilted positions in your upper and lower jaw we are able to provide fixed replacement teeth using all the available bone.

This is life changing for patients who may have been advised they have insufficient bone for dental implants, or for patients who are unhappy with their current dentures or worn out bridgework. Read more

Benefits of All On 4

  • Once the implants are fitted you can eat with them very soon
  • The replacement teeth are permanently fixed in place
  • Can be a viable alternative to a bone graft
  • The implants are easily maintained
  • It is cost efficient, and we can also offer finance to spread the cost of treatment up to five years
  • A whole set of teeth can be fixed in place by just four implants
  • Short surgery period (depending on the complexity of each case)

Most patients who request this kind of treatment are unhappy with their existing bridgework or dentures and want an alternative that is permanently fixed in place.

Our patients are assessed on an individual basis; every patient will have a thorough consultation using a combination of radiographic and diagnostic techniques, with an in depth analysis of their lifestyle and objectives.

The All On 4 procedure

Placing a dental implant is a fairly straightforward, minimally invasive procedure and something that we do every day at Portmore.

1. Planning and preparation

Johann will assess your mouth to ensure your case is suitable for treatment with same day smile implants. Portmore has its own CT scanning machine for the accurate 3D mapping of your jaw. This allows for safe treatment planning and predictable long term results.

2. On the day

Our team will remove your failed teeth or bridgework and place implants which are able to support a full row of artificial teeth, created on site by our lab team.

The procedure can take two to four hours for one arch, and both top and bottom can be done in one visit. You have the option for treatment while you are awake with local anaesthetic, or conscious sedation.

Your new smile will be fixed in place and will be a high quality temporary restoration. This will be worn during the healing phase and acts as a template and planning tool for your final smile.

3. Healing

For eight weeks you have the opportunity to test your new smile, decide on any changes in the colour texture and positioning of the teeth. This period allows the implants to completely fuse to the bone in preparation for your final smile.

4. Your final smile

Your final bridge is usually ready within three to six months of your initial treatment. It is made up of either carbon fibre or a state of the art computer milled titanium skeleton with a choice of composite zirconia or acrylic teeth.

We use CustomerSure to check that our customers are happy - every time.

Now I smile all the time.

"It's the best thing I ever did!"


Benefits of implants for missing teeth

  • They are the next best thing to your natural teeth
  • You can eat, laugh and smile with confidence again
  • They protect your surrounding teeth and bone
  • They last for life when cared for properly

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