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Introducing the Portmore Practice Development Programme

Portmore Dental has created an exclusive series of inspirational dental lectures starting June 2017 from the UK’s foremost clinical and dental business speakers. Throughout the programme these leading thinkers will be sharing their ideas, their work and learnings, sparking conversation and discovery along the way.

Please join us for this unique practice development programme, consisting of 9 lectures over 9 months at the luxurious 4-star Oatlands Park Hotel in Weybridge, Surrey.

The aim of the programme is to engage local like-minded GDP’s, practice owners and business managers who are ambitious and wish to grow their practices and develop their clinical and business skills. Our renowned speakers will deliver exceptional presentations on current areas of innovation in dentistry designed to stimulate and delight. Read more

All attendees will be welcomed with a glass of bubbly and a light supper before each lecture. Informative Q&A sessions will follow each lecture and there will be plenty of opportunity to network with peers and speakers alike afterwards.

Ashley Latter (The Selling Coach)
Discover the secrets to ethically selling private treatment and have more patients saying YES
Would you like to sell more private treatment plans and be paid well for the work you do? Ashley will share the biggest communication mistakes made by dentists every day and give you key techniques to improve communication. This is your opportunity to get insight into the course material that has helped previous attendees sell over £200m worth of extra dental treatment worldwide.
Tracey Stuart (NBS Training)
WOW reception skills to make your practice stand out
Tracy is a highly-experienced practice development consultant and coach taking regular dental practices and transforming them into something truly special. This lecture will reveal the necessary reception skills to ensure your front of house team truly shine.
Luc Wade and Ross Martin (Hive Business)
How to reach the £1m sweetspot in dentistry
Discover how to win big in dentistry. A must-attend lecture for owners wanting to increase profit and associates planning to set up or buy their own practice within the next five years. Learn how to increase your earning potential, reduce the tax burden and build wealth reaching your own revenue or profit sweet spot. Hive Business, is a specialist dental business advisory company providing Accountancy, Marketing, Wealth Strategies and Business Consultancy to dental professionals across the UK.
Nick Peters (BTi Implants)
Latest technology and innovation in the world of dental implants
Nick will cover the application of PRGF in oral surgery and tissue regeneration. This is an exciting opportunity to learn about this biotechnology and how it could help your patients speed up the healing process and reduce pain and inflammation. We will look at PRGF biology and its applications using BTi scientific data and case presentations.
Alex O’Neill (CODE)
Staying complaint in 2018
CODE is the leading association for practice owners and managers providing compliance support, practice management advice and a range of services to the dental profession. With an increase in the number of practices failing inspections under the CQC’s new regime, there’s no doubt you’ll be feeling the pressure when it comes to yours. In this workshop Alex will share key trends, explain the increased focus on ‘Quality Assurance’ and explore strategies to ensure your practice stays compliant.
Ian Buckle (The Dawson Academy UK)
Occlusion, Aesthetics and the Digital Revolution
Digital technology is revolutionising dentistry and dental practices, there is no doubt that it can improve accuracy, efficiency and productivity. Dr. Buckle will discuss the technology available to aid us in examination, record collection, and diagnosis. He will then demonstrate how to use this information, blending digital with time tested conventional methods, to develop a treatment plan that will produce beautiful aesthetics based on sound occlusal principles. Finally, Dr. Buckle will discuss how to use digital solutions to deliver the proposed treatment.
Nikki Berryman (Portmore Dental)
How a TCO can help to grow your practice
Nikki has worked with some of the best practices in the UK as a Treatment Coordination trainer to help them implement and develop the TCO role with great success. This lecture will demonstrate that by implementing some simple systems and improving communication skills, a TCO can be more effective and not only help grow your practice and revenue but deliver exceptional patient care.
Eben Van Der Walt (Portmore Dental)
Anti-Snoring therapy with Continuous Airway Therapy
This lecture will cover the latest anti-snoring therapy techniques using Continuous Airway Therapy for sleep apnoea. Learn how to discuss this sensitive subject with your patients and routes of referral in more severe sleep apnoea cases. You will learn how to correctly diagnose and select patients, how active treatment is carried out and how to combine it with complex restorative and implant cases. The lecture will also show you how this treatment can be the perfect practice builder.
Johann Styger
A guide to ridge expansion using PRGF
Delegates will learn how to treat and overcome resorbed ridges specifically where there is inadequate width in order to enable successful implant placement. We will also use 2-3 case presentations to highlight the use of the Piezosurgery system and bone expanders.


Bubbly, supper and networking




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