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Education and Training

At Portmore we have a training hub where all members of the dental team can develop their skills.

It makes this a great place to work because you can count on us investing in your training and development.

Our commitment to in-house mentoring and leadership is one of our core values, because we are always learning. Read more

Clinicians who don’t work here can also benefit from our experience and expertise.

A few things make our approach to education and training unique

  • We have a high level of clinical and business skills, experience and knowledge.
  • We have developed a unique Associate Training Programme for associate dentists wishing to join the Portmore family. This programme immerses associate dentists into the Portmore philosophy which focuses on exceptional standards of dentistry, patient care and ongoing training and development.
  • We have the support of the Biotechnology Institute (BTI) in terms of access to educational resources (Johann is a key opinion leader).
  • We have the skills, knowledge and support to train and mentor implant dentists at the start of their careers. We can train them to place single implants and ultimately help to grow their skills so they may treat complex multi-disciplinary cases.
  • We are also a referral hub, which means that we routinely treat patients of practitioners wishing to refer more complex cases, but who provide the final smile makeovers or restorations for their patients themselves.
  • We offer in-house one to one training and mentoring for both cosmetic and implant dentistry - dentists can come to the practice and watch cases, or they can bring their own patients to be treated under guidance and supervision.
  • We offer weekend lectures and seminars and training days for dentists in the following areas:
  • PRGF techniques
  • Bi-lateral bone augmentation
  • Sinus augmentation
  • Treatment planning of multi-disciplinary cases
  • We offer lunch and learns for dental practice teams in the following areas:
  • Customer service
  • Telephone and reception skills
  • Patient journey
  • Communication skills
  • How to talk to patients about dental implants
  • Treatment coordination
  • We also offer a full day of in-house training on treatment coordination.

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