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Walk In Hygiene

Recently the General Dental Council, the UK’s dental regulator, expanded the scope of practice for dental hygienists and dental therapists. Now patients have the option to see a dental care professional (DCP) without having first seen the dentist and without a prescription from a dentist.

This means patients can get a hygiene appointment at much shorter notice, and possibly on the same day, which encourages convenience, more frequent visits and therefore better oral health.

A guide to walk in hygiene (direct access)

  1. Treatment: You and your hygienist arrange and agree on the appointment. The hygienist will remove calculus and plaque deposits that can cause gum disease. Also there will be the removal of any staining to leave you with a healthy, clean and bright smile, and instruction on cleaning to help you maintain a healthy mouth.
  2. Appointments are paid for upon booking and a medical questionnaire must be completed prior to appointment. In most cases we will ask you to arrive 15 minutes before your appointment to complete the questionnaire.
  3. The hygienist will carry out the agreed treatment. The hygienist is not responsible for carrying out a full dental examination or diagnosis beyond the scope of their practice. Should any further problems be seen or if the patient has any queries, they will be advised to seek further advice from their own dentist or, if it’s deemed appropriate, a referral to one of our dentists at Portmore.
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