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Tooth Coloured Fillings

We use tooth coloured fillings because they are the best option cosmetically, although there have been health concerns over the mercury content in traditional amalgam silver fillings.

Tooth coloured fillings, also known as white fillings, can be blended to match the natural shade of your teeth, and the composite resin used to make them can be used to elegantly restore cracked or chipped teeth, improving their strength and appearance. In fact, composite white fillings have now become a crucial part of cosmetic dentistry among skilled practitioners.

Most people have fillings as a consequence of the level of sugar in our diets, and few would choose silver fillings that stand out when they laugh or smile. While tooth coloured fillings used to be more fragile than amalgam fillings, new materials are now available that are comparable to silver amalgam in durability. Read more

Composite fillings actually impart strength to the teeth because they bond directly to the enamel and dentine, unlike amalgams that fill the space and can exert enough pressure to break the surrounding teeth over time.

The life expectancy of a tooth coloured filling depends on where it sits in your mouth and how heavily your teeth come together when you bite. At Portmore we will discuss how these factors affect your case and look at your options before you make a decision.

If you wanted to know whether it’s a good idea to replace your amalgam fillings with tooth coloured fillings, it is usually best to change fillings only when your dentist judges that an old filling needs replacing. If so, we would be happy to replace it with a tooth coloured filling.

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Benefits of tooth coloured fillings

  • They're invisible because they match the colour of your natural teeth
  • They can be used to reshape and rebuild broken tooth edges or worn teeth
  • They can cover discoloured patches that can't be removed by cleaning or teeth whitening
  • Faster, because your teeth need less preparation for white fillings than for traditional silver fillings

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