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Organic Facelift Using PRGF®-Endoret®

Platelet rich plasma is a substance that we use for the stimulation and acceleration of tissue healing and regeneration in facial aesthetics at Portmore.

When blood is spun at high speed the red blood cells can be removed, leaving a concentrate of platelet rich plasma protein containing more growth factors than whole blood.

This can be injected to help with wound healing and skin rejuvenation, offering the body about five times the natural levels of platelets. Plasma Rich in Growth Factors (PRGF®) by Endoret® is the most advanced technology of this kind. Read more

Our clinicians use the technology for facial skin rejuvenation for the same reason that the best football teams and sports stars on the planet are now using PRGF® to speed up healing from ligament injuries.

Blood taken from a patient and treated in this process can help to regenerate their skin tissue, reduce wrinkles by adding real collagen to the face, and steadily release nutrients and proteins into the skin over time, slowing down the ageing process and helping to repair existing damage.

Treatment with microinjections of PRGF®-Endoret® is recommended as a preventive level starting from the age of 35 to slow down the ageing process, or from 45, for its regenerative and corrective purposes.

The effects of PRGF®-Endoret® microinjections appear after 24 hours, with an increase of the smoothness and brightness of the skin with each new session.

We recommended three sessions in the first three months before one to three personalised maintenance sessions per year, depending on your age and skin type.

Benefits of PRGF®-Endoret® skin rejuvenation

  • Production of your own hyaluronic acid, so no need for hyaluronic acid with bacterial or animal origin
  • Increased secretion of collagen and elastin, which encourages skin consistency and firmness
  • Better skin hydration compared to other cosmetic treatments
  • Wrinkle reduction as facial expression lines lose depth
  • Increased skin luminosity as skin recovers its vibrancy
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