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Health and Safety

One of our mantras is clinical excellence with exceptional service, and the bedrock of clinical excellence is health and safety.

Infection control and decontamination are regulated aspects of dentistry, but at Portmore we want our patients to know that we go further than what’s required by the Care Quality Commission, England’s health service regulator.

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We adhere to the highest standards of infection control in line with Department of Health guidelines and our dedicated decontamination suite allows us to sterilise instruments and equipment without risk of cross infection.

Our decontamination process involves using two Medisafe surgical washer-disinfectors for thermal disinfection prior to using the autoclave, a pressure chamber used to sterilise instruments.

Portmore has two dental nurse decontamination leads, Liz and Adriana, who are responsible for the daily monitoring and auditing of our equipment and instrument processing. All our dental nurses complete daily infection control checks in each surgery.

We use safer sharps at Portmore, the safest way of administering local anaesthetic injections, reducing the risk of sharps injuries within our team. We have a vaccination policy in place to ensure team members are vaccinated against Hepatitis B.

An external cleaning company carries out a thorough clean of the practice every evening in addition to a deep clean every quarter.

We carry out the following audits and risk assessments at the recommended intervals

  • Bi-annual audit of infection control
  • Hand hygiene
  • Health and safety
  • Audit of care standards
  • Audit of digital radiography
  • Clinical waste audit
  • Disability access audit
  • Audit of patient complaints
  • Business security analysis
  • Fire risk assessment
  • Audit of prescription drugs
  • Sensitive information risk analysis
  • Audit of patient waiting times
  • Audit of human resource management
  • Legionella and water quality audit
  • Domestic cleaning audit

All clinical team members undergo continual training and development in the following areas:

  • Intensive life saving (ILS) - including CPR and defibrillation
  • Infection control training - including waste management, equipment maintenance and validation
  • Radiation protection training
  • Mental capacity training
  • Vulnerable Adult and Children Safeguarding Level 2 training

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