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You’ll feel good at Portmore. We’re serious about creating a patient experience that’s unforgettable, because we believe that experience means everything.

That’s especially true in dental care, where patients might feel anxious about visiting the dentist or receiving important treatment to protect their dental health or change the way they look.

Each member of our team belongs at Portmore because they believe in our ethos, which means we are able to guarantee clinical excellence with exceptional customer service. Read more

It’s a different standard of customer care than you are likely to find elsewhere in Surrey and we usually find that once patients have tried us, they don’t want to go back.

One of the special things about Portmore, apart from our unique philosophy, is the people who work here. Our treatment coordinators will want to spend time with you on your first visit so they can understand your needs and start to build a relationship with you.

Our dentists are regarded as some of the most gifted clinicians in their fields. Hear what Andre has to say about his colleague Johann in this video, life changing dentistry . Relationships are the bedrock of excellent dentistry because they allow a sense of trust to develop between the patient and the dentist. Once trust is there, the experience of visiting us for an oral health exam or treatment can become a positive one. For many people, this has never happened before.

Our way of carefully managing your experience suits our holistic approach to patient care. We practice complete dentistry, so you can access the full range of dental treatments here with us, and we won’t ask you to go anywhere else or see a clinician you’re not familiar with for treatment.

Even picking up the phone can be a big step if you’ve been avoiding the dentist, and nervous patients often think they’re alone — we can assure you that’s not the case, we see nervous patients every day and we’re careful about beginning our journey with them in the right way.

On your first visit we will do everything we can to ease you into the relationship, taking things at your pace, until you’re ready to benefit from the clinical excellence on offer at Portmore.

Patient Testimonials

Portmore are fantastic from the warm friendly welcome to the absolute skills and competency with which they attend to you.

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Smile Gallery

Here are some photos of what we've done for Portmore patients. The physical transformation is usually accompanied by a change in self-esteem and self-confidence which can play out in lifestyle, work and relationship changes.

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We're always looking for dentists, nurses and support staff who share our commitment to patient-centric care with no compromises. Want to join the team that's creating the best patient experience in the South East?
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