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0% finance – budget for your smile!

Did you know that we offer finance for dental treatment at Portmore?

We continue to find that many patients choose to for pay for their dental treatment using our finance facility. Historically, it was viewed that only people who couldn’t really afford products or services opted for finance or ‘credit’, it almost became a dirty word and patients often felt this was something to feel embarrassed about.

Nowadays however, we find that even wealthy, or cash rich clients use the finance facility. Why? Well it may be that some patients have money in the bank, or tied up in savings or simply don’t want to delve into their nest egg when they can use a 0% finance facility which allows them to spread the payments using their normal monthly cash-flow without any additional cost; this is actually quite a savvy way of managing their money.

There are also those patients who may not be able to get their hands on a lump sum, but who find it easy and comfortable to budget for & spread monthly payments. Again, this allows them to budget for their dental treatment within their monthly cash-flow.

Some patients simply analyse and re-prioritise their outgoings, and decide to swap their unused gym membership for a new smile instead!

Whatever your reason – our 0% or interest bearing finance facility at Portmore allows our patients to spread the cost of their new smile from between 12-60 months. It has been a really positive experience for many patients, allowing them to finally have the smile of their dreams.

Think finance may be for you? Give us a call on 01932 855011 and book your FREE consultation with one of our Treatment Coordinators.

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