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Fear is a very real aspect of life. At times, we all experience a bit of fear. Dental anxiety is a type of fear that can keep some people from seeing their dentist when they should. Although dental anxiety may be quite significant, the consequences of forgoing professional dental care can lead to far more problems in the end.

Our team at Portmore understands that there are varying degrees of dental anxiety. We cater to our patients needs by creating a calm, friendly environment in which there is no lectures or judgment.

One system that we incorporate into patient care is “the wand.” This is the Injex, a needle free system for the application of local anesthetic. Injex sends a fine stream of medication through the skin, where absorption takes place for quick numbing action. Even our youngest patients find needle-free anesthetic more comfortable physically and emotionally.

“I am a very nervous patient and had the bad news that I needed 6 teeth removed. So I chose to have sedation. Wow! What a wonderful thing to have. I remember sitting in the chair, the sedative put in my hand, then nothing! I cannot remember anything at all. Its’ the best thing I have ever done. If you are thinking of sedation, go for it! You won’t be sorry!”
K Reed2/10/2013

Dental anxiety does not always involve fear of needles and shots. Our team understand that, for some, just sitting in the dental chair causes a great deal of stress. In addition to providing what we call gentle touch dentistry, we also invite patients to visit us for a consultation outside of the clinical setting. In our comfortable consultation room, you can get to know our team without the idea of treatment looming in your mind. Here, we can discuss your feelings about dental care, your dental concerns, and your options for stress-free visits.

At Portmore Dental we offer IV sedation, which is a small sedative administered into the back of your hand or your arm and will induce a state of deep relaxation.
You will feel sleepy and extremely calm whilst retaining the ability to respond during your treatment but with no recollection after the effect has worn off. With that in mind, you will need an escort to take you home and stay with you whilst you recover.

IV sedation requires a qualified anaesthetist and our preferred partner are Sedation Solutions. An anaesthetist will meet at our surgery to sedate our patients for the duration of their treatment and when booking your treatment we will arrange this for you.

Who can have sedation?

  • Dental Phobics
  • Scared of Needles
  • Fear of dental treatments
  • Phobia of dental sounds and smells
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Sensitive gag reflex or difficulty opening mouth
  • Difficulty with anaesthesia (getting numb)
  • Those wanting a more relaxed overall experience
  • Undergoing long periods of treatment
  • Undergoing more comprehensive surgical procedures such as dental implants.

If you suffer from any of the above conditions, IV sedation might be the perfect solution for all your dental needs.

“Needle free Injection? Yes Please!!

Not many of us are happy to have an injection, whether we’re needle phobics or we just don’t like the feeling or the taste!

injex_weblogoThere is another way! INJEX – The Soft Shot.

It works by delivering a gentle shot of anaesthetic onto the tissue, infiltrating the area required to be numb, completely avoiding a needle! The after effects of the anaesthetic don’t last as long either so if you have an important meeting later that day and need a fully functioning mouth, INJEX is for you. It is also ideal for children as a lesser dose is required and children are often wary of the dentist anyway, so anything to make their experience more positive, should they need anaesthetic, the better!

INJEX aims to take away the pain and fear associated with injection with needles so ask us about it today.

We use CustomerSure to check that our customers are happy - every time.

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