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Transform your teeth and confidence using veneers, and gain a smile you can finally be proud of.

We all like to look good don’t we?  Many of us go to the gym to stay fit, healthy and hone a perfect body, others enjoy shopping for the latest fashion and most girls take pride in their hair and make-up. It’s important to all of us to look as good as we can.

Many people are still not aware of the dramatic difference a new smile can make to their outward appearance. Did you know that dental veneers can be used to create a beautiful, white, straight and flawless smile?

Veneers are very fine slivers of porcelain that are bonded over the patient’s existing tooth to create the illusion of a whiter, straighter, perfect smile.

Straightening crooked teeth

Over time, it is normal for teeth to become misshapen or even move or rotate a little if you have lost teeth since young adulthood. Teeth can also get worn down, fractured and chipped due to everyday wear and tear.

On meeting patients for the first time, a very common complaint is that their teeth are misaligned or “crooked”. It is not uncommon for patients to hide their teeth with their hands when smiling, or to actually not smile at all!

Not being able to smile with confidence is so sad.

For patients with crooked teeth, should they want an alternative to braces, then dental veneers are the perfect solution. Because we are creating your smile from scratch, we can close gaps, deal with overlapping teeth, replace worn/chipped teeth and create the illusion of straight teeth where they were once very crooked.

Are your teeth discoloured?

Teeth can also change colour over time, this is due to dye in foods such as red wine, tea/coffee and heavily spiced food. These types of staining can sometimes be removed by a hygienist or by using course ‘polishing’ types of toothpaste. But we find that food staining in combination with the natural ageing process can often leave teeth looking yellow.

Some patients may have deep enamel staining (intrinsic) or bands of ‘grey’ running through their teeth which has been caused by taking certain types of anti-biotics in childhood. Unfortunately, this type of discolouration cannot be removed at all.

Either way, dental veneers can be used to create a much whiter, brighter more youthful smile. Our dentists and laboratory technicians will study your skin colour/pallor to help you choose the right shade of white for you, whilst still remaining natural.

However, if you want a ‘WOW’ Hollywood smile, we can do that too!

A long lasting smile

The great thing about dental veneers is that they are hard wearing and with the correct professional maintenance and home-care, will stand the test of time.

The veneers themselves are very stain resistant and will not attract staining from foodstuff like natural teeth. However, we recommend patients with veneers to have regular professional cleaning to protect their investment and to ensure the lifespan remains at about 15 years.

Bespoke Smiles

No two faces are the same, no two people are the same and so it goes without saying that no two veneers are the same.

Although the process to prepare and fit your new veneers can take as little as 10 days, we spend a lot of time at your initial consultation appointment assessing your facial form and features, taking x-rays, clinical photographs and study models of your existing teeth. We then work closely with our laboratory technician in order to plan your new smile.

Often, we will create a ‘diagnostic wax-up’, which means that we are able to show you the final result in wax prior to commencing treatment. This acts as a really crucial communication tool and allows us to be very clear about your expectations and your desired result.

The planning process means that we are able to give you a truly bespoke and beautiful smile that you will wear with confidence for a very long time.

If you would like to talk to us about dental veneers, please call us to arrange your FREE consultation on 01932 855011.

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