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Same Day White Teeth

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There are some simple ‘same-day’ treatments available at Portmore that can be used to make a massive difference to your health and to the appearance of your smile.

White Fillings

Do you have unsightly, silver, metal fillings? Did you know that these can be replaced very simply with tooth-coloured fillings?

Our approach to minimally invasive dentistry at Portmore means that we aim to conserve as much of your natural tooth as possible whilst using state of the art bonding techniques to place new, white filling material. In most cases, your new filling will be totally undectable and will blend in completely with your own natural teeth.

Tooth coloured fillings can make a huge difference to your smile and your confidence, imagine throwing your head back with laughter and not being worried about showing a mouthful of metal?? We can replace your metal fillings in just one visit, which means you can literally walk out of the door with a whiter, healthier more youthful smile, on the same-day!

White Crowns

CerecLogo111Same-day white crowns with state of the art Cerec technology means that you can have comprehensive dental treatment completed in just one visit. Great news for those if you who are time poor, busy, busy people!

So how does Cerec work?

  • We digitally scan your tooth which needs the filling or crown, no impressions required. The
  • computer then designs your new tooth on screen whilst you wait. Our milling machine then
  • gently creates your new, bespoke tooth from a solid block of tooth coloured ceramic, which
  • we then bond in place. The whole process takes less than two hours! How great is that?

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