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Implants for Missing Teeth

Dental implants are the treatment of choice to replace single or multiple missing teeth.

This is because they allow us to restore teeth independently of each other which means that we do not need to ‘cut down’ healthy teeth to use as supports.

Implants themselves are small, titanium cylinders that are placed in the jawbone, which act like a replacement tooth root and subsequently become a base for a dental crown, fixed bridge, or denture, i.e. your replacement teeth.

Because the implants are made from titanium, they are extremely strong, which means that the implants are firmly fixed and integrated into your body’s own tissues, just like the teeth they are replacing. Present studies show that dental implants, once successfully integrated and maintained well, can last a lifetime.

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Implants to replace single missing teeth are very straight -forward with little downtime for our patients. In this situation, implants are used to replace teeth independently of each other, which reduces the need to treat additional, surrounding teeth. When a crown is placed over the implant, it looks like a natural tooth and no one can tell that any work has been done. A replacement tooth will blend in with the patient’s existing teeth and allow them to feel confident that they have a good-looking smile.

Implants can also be used to replace multiple missing teeth and large gaps, in fact implants have proven to be extremely successful in dealing with this situation.
Implants can be used in the same way as teeth in replacing multiple missing teeth, i.e. it is not necessary to have an implant per tooth, indeed this is generally not a good idea as function and appearance is better served by replacing some teeth as ‘ bridged teeth’ supported by implants which reduces cost and complexity as well as producing a better result in most instances.

Often, we are able to give patients permanent fixed teeth where they have originally had dentures or very large gaps, this can be truly life changing dentistry for our patients. Read about ‘Same-Day Teeth’ here

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