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Implant Dentistry

Advanced implant dentistry at Portmore

There is no doubt that implant dentistry is life changing dentistry. We have witnessed this with our patients many times over the years. At Portmore our aim is to provide beautiful, life-changing dentistry for all our patients, no matter how big or small their concerns may be. No matter if they have 1 single, missing tooth or if they have full dentures and would like to experience the joy of having permanent fixed teeth once more.

Our implant clinic is a state of the art facility run by a team of highly skilled and experienced clinicians and nurses, each and every team member shares the passion for implant dentistry.

What makes Portmore different?

It goes without saying that we provide outstanding technical skill, experience and expertise in the field of implant dentistry, Dr Styger is at the forefront of his field. Johann has meticulous attention to detail in case planning and creating bespoke treatment plans for our patients. Patients receive platinum standard care and 24 -hour support as a minimum when embarking on treatment at Portmore.

But what makes us special is our warmth, kindness, our ability to listen, our ability to give you time, the understanding that our patients are embarking on a potentially life-changing journey, one that we will share with you.

Implant dentistry at Portmore is about providing amazing implant dentistry whilst holding your hand throughout your journey.

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