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Dentist Referrals

Why refer to Portmore?

We have launched a simpler, more streamlined referral process here at Portmore.

If you have previously referred patients to us for implant dentistry, you will understand what a difference this treatment can make to the lives of patients who have struggled for years with full or partial dentures, it can literally turn their lives around. For patients with one or more missing teeth, they are delighted to have full dentition restored. Implant dentistry is one of the most predictable and clinically successful treatment available and patient are always pleasantly surprised to find treatment virtually painless.

If you are not already referring patients for Implant dentistry and would like to offer this option to your patients, we offer only the highest level of care and provide a comprehensive referral service.

Patients are referred to Dr Styger from all over the UK.

Please be aware that referred patients are not eligible to become regular patients of Portmore – they are always returned to their referring practice and back to your care. We pride ourselves on the professional and personal relationships that we build with our referring clinicians and believe that ongoing communication is key in maintaining these relationships. Please feel free to pop into the practice at any time for an informal discuss to find out how we can help you and your practice.

If you are interested in developing your knowledge of implant dentistry further but are hampered by lack of time and support, then we are able to assist by involving you in planning and developing implant treatment to your patients. You are welcome to get involved at any level, alternatively, this can be extended to a mentoring situation if you wish (in line with GDC recommendations) where you can be taught how to treat aspects of the implant case yourself.

johannWhat we do

Johanns training, experience and background provides an ideal relationship for the referring dentist. Allowing you to choose how involved you prefer to be in your dental implant cases. You can simply refer and the patient will be returned to you having received the highest level of care and quality of treatment, but if preferred, Johann can liaise with you in a mentoring role to develop your knowledge and skills in dental implantology, involving you in the active treatment process.

What we can offer your patients:

  • Single or multiple, fixed replacement teeth on dental implants.
  • Immediate loading – same-day teeth
  • Denture stabilization
  • PRGF (Plasma Rich in Growth Factors) – a new technology to speed healing and recovery
  • Bone augmentation – horizontal, vertical, lateral window or crestal approach – using a choice of autograft, allograft, xenograft of synthetic grafting materials.
  • Sinus grafting- Ridge splitting and/or expansion
  • IV Conscious sedation by a qualified, experienced on-site anesthetist
  • CT scanning – WIC can offer CT scans on site thereby reducing the treatment planning process.

How to refer

Simply fill in the form below, download our PDF referral form, or call the clinic on 01932 855011

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