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Bone Augmentation

Patients who are in need of dental implant treatment may sometimes require bone grafting to strengthen and build up the jawbone.

This is because once you start losing teeth, your own jawbone can start shrinking away quite rapidly as it is only present to hold your natural teeth in place.

A bone graft may be necessary to ensure that there is enough height and width of bone for the dental implants to fuse into place, a bit like building good foundations for a house once the foundations are strong and secure we can ensure that the implants on top will last a long time. Jawbone loss can result from ageing, gum disease, missing teeth, lengthy denture wear or injury.

How will I know if I need a bone graft?

As part of your initial consultation and diagnosis, Johann will use X-rays or a computer tomography (CT) scan to take images of your jawbone, to ensure that it is thick and strong enough for dental implant treatment. We can then advise you on the most suitable bone grafting technique for you.

What is involved in bone grafting?

Bone grafting surgery has two phases. The first step is to harvest a graft, which differs according to the grafting type. In the second phase, the patient is made comfortable before a piece of bone is grafted from a part of their own body, the graft is then attached and allowed to fuse with your own bone, so it becomes strong, stable and essentially part of you. Often we can carry out bone grafting procedures at the same time as Implant placement, reducing the need for a second surgery.
We use different types of bone at Portmore, human (your own), synthetic or bovine bone. The type of bone we use depends on the complexity of the case and we can discuss this in more detail with you prior to treatment.

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