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These are examples of recent treatments and ‘before and after’ photographs.

Tamara, 39, originally from Canada did not like her short teeth and overall appearance of her smile. She suffered from headaches and asked me for help. A combination of porcelain veneers and crowns, combined with treatment of her tooth grinding habit left her with a smile to be envied and less headaches. Success!

Mr X, 46 year old businessman, had an accident with severe damage to his front teeth. He was in discomfort and concerned about his smile and attended for emergency treatment. We used the latest implant techniques combined with minimally invasive porcelain restorations to restore his bite and give him the aesthetic result he always wanted.

Caroline, 46 from Guildford, was concerned about her failing bite and smile and asked me to restore her teeth back to its original form and function. After initial implant placement, I used cosmetic porcelain crowns and veneers to give her a result she can be proud of. Another success story from Portmore Dental!

Rebecca came to see me with missing UL1&2 which she lost through a cycling accident. She had a partial denture to replace the upper left central and lateral.
The roots were removed on the day of surgery and Ankylos implants were placed in the UL1 and 2 sockets. The space between the implant and buccal bone was filled with a bone substitute. Peek abutments were used to fabricate temporary crowns for immediate loading. She was followed up a week later and was healing well. Healing was uneventful and after 6 months the final impressions were taken. Rebecca also wanted to enhance her smile and asked for veneers which were prepared on the day of the impressions. The veneers and Emax implant crowns were fitted 2 weeks later. We were all pleased with a great result

T had numerous courses of treatment to improve the aesthetics of her smile. This included orthodontics and cosmetic restorations, but she was never completely happy with the result. After careful planning, we decided to place 10 veneers on her upper teeth to achieve a beautiful smile. With minimal preparations and skilled technicians we achieved the result she always wanted.

Mrs B was not happy with her old crown and discoloured front teeth. With the help of our dental technicians, we replaced the crown and matched three veneers to the adjacent teeth, to create a natural, beaming smile. ‘…I now have the best smile I’ve had in fifty years…’ Quite a transformation with a relatively simple procedure. We couldn’t be more proud of the result

Ms L had a combination of crowns and veneers to replace a slightly protruding and ageing smile. She was so pleased with the dramatic, yet very beautiful result.

Julie wanted to improve the appearance of her teeth for a long time and felt that she would benefit from a smile make over. After detailed planning and weighing up all her options, we decided to go for a combination of implant crowns on some of the back teeth and veneers in the smile zone. A brilliant result was achieved, and Julie smiles even more than before!

Judith had to wear a partial denture from a very early age after losing some teeth in an accident. She was never happy with the denture as it moved around and made it difficult to speak and eat. On top of that she was never happy with the overall appearance of her teeth and decided to ask me what her options were. The best plan for her was to restore her complete smile with a combination of dental implants, veneers and crowns. We decided to stage the treatment to fit in with her schedule and budget. We achieved an amazing result which left Judith unable to stop smiling. She is thrilled with the appearance and the fact that she can eat whatever she want – with confidence. “It was worth every penny!!” – Judith.

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