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Meet Melanie….

Posted in: Blog, by nikki, on 26th April 2017 | 0 comments

We think its important for you to get to know our wonderful team here at Portmore, and so every week we will post a guest blog from each team member, this week we start with our Head Receptionist, Melanie…

“I’m going to tell you a little bit about myself, my likes and some hopes and dreams…….

Dream Holiday Destination

Let’s start with a holiday, a dream destination. I think I’d like to go Hawaii. I think what draws me to think of that place is the heat, I don’t like being cold, it puts me in a bad mood and also the people seem to be friendly, always dancing around in Hula skirts. Yes, I could certainly imagine myself in those beautiful surroundings.

I love breakfast

The most important meal of the day is of course breakfast. Everyone here always starts the day with a good meal. If calories were no issue I’d choose a massive bowl of Sugar Puffs but of course they do so I opt for yogurt and some muesli. Sugar Puffs, now there’s a guilty pleasure as well as an 80’s power ballad but lets keep that between ourselves.

Fave film?

I’m not really a film person, unless it’s a trip to the pictures. If I was at home I’d rather be watching a documentary about murders and crime, that’s if I could stay awake long enough. Anyone else fall asleep on the sofa most nights?

Dream dinner date…..

Now I know that my choice of dream dinner date should be my husband, Trevor but nah! It’s a choice between Prince Harry or James May from Top Gear. I love James and always will but on this occasion I’m going to pick Prince Harry. I’d love to know more about him and I imagine him to have a wicked sense of humour. Someone you could kick back and have a beer with but also what an amazing young man he’s grown up to be.

My Summer tipple of choice is……

Gin is trendy at the moment and I’m a sucker for a good bit of marketing. If a package looks nice and all the cools cats are doing it, I want to do it too. Yep give me a trendy gin on a hot summers evening and I’d be happy. Give me eight and I’d be ecstatic.

If I won the lotto 🙂

I’m not financially driven and pretty happy with my lot but if I were to win big on the lottery tomorrow my first luxury purchase would be a brand new Aston Martin for my husband. I know he’d love one and it might make up in some way that I have chosen to have dinner with two other men before him.
For the next few months I will be….

Now summer is nearly upon us and it’s my favourite time of year, it’s when I come alive. Long days and evenings. I’m an early bird so to sit out in the garden with a cup of coffee is, I think, the best way to start the day. I’ll be spending a lot of time in the garden over the next few months.

Me and Portmore
I love working at Portmore because not a day passes that I don’t laugh out loud. The team we have here is by far the best I have ever worked with. The dentists are compassionate, caring and forward thinking. This isn’t your average dental practice and Portmore have big plans for the future and I for one feel honoured to be a part of it”

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