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Implant Care

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Implant Care – from as little as £65

Good oral hygiene must take place before, during, and after placement of dental implants to ensure the health of the implant. Patients are concerned about what kind of maintenance their implants will require. Do they brush and floss their implants like regular teeth? Does food get underneath the fixed implant bridge or prosthesis?All implant patients at Portmore look to our hygienists to address these concerns and help them with a personalised home-care routine.

Just as you clean your teeth to maintain them so the same care must be expected of dental implants. Peri-implantitis is a condition that dental implants can develop if dental implants are not looked after currently at home. This is when the bone or gum around the implant becomes inflamed and sometimes the implant is lost as a result. Peri-implantitis is usually the result of failure to follow the recommended maintenance regimes, which every patient undergoing implant treatment is advised. By cleaning dental implants through brushing and flossing you can reduce the risks of problems occurring. Failure is uncommon but long-term maintenance is essential to ensure your investment remains healthy and part of your new mouth. Regular sessions with our Hygienist will ensure that you are maintaining the implants, crowns and bridges in the healthiest possible way to ensure long-term success. We will advise you of the most effective maintenance both before and after implant treatment.

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Caring for Dental Implants

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