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Diamond Shine – £50

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The Diamond Shine professional polish is a great treatment designed to remove unsightly staining to create a whiter, glossier smile in as little as 10 minutes!

Our ‘Prophy-mate’ system uses microcrystals in the form of a fine powder to remove tea/coffee and red wine stains quickly and effectively. The mixture of powder crystals & water are blasted onto the surface of your enamel (almost like micro-dermabrasion for teeth!) which removes stubborn, intrinsic staining with ease.

Results are absolutely remarkable and not only remove stains, but make the teeth look a lot whiter and brighter as well.

The stain removal is followed by a luxury polishing treatment in the form of ‘diamond polish’ which is applied in the same way as your regular polish, but which will leave a high diamond shine and teeth that look very youthful and ‘glossy’.

This is a superb treatment that can be used as an instant ‘pick me up’, say before a special event or holiday, or it can be used in combination with your Regular Refresh hygiene appointment.

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