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Conscious Sedation

We often meet new patients who are very nervous about dental treatment, especially those who have not visited the dentist for a long period of time.

Usually, these patients are really surprised as to how much dentistry has changed. The whole treatment process and patient experience these days is very different to that of even 6-8 years ago!

At Portmore we have a real focus on patient care and really go out of our way to ensure that nervous patients feel comfortable, confident and at ease in our care. After a few visits, even the most nervous patients begin to feel more relaxed and dare I say, start to enjoy their visits to the practice.

However, for some patients, even the thought of coming to the dentist ignites a fear so strong that they put off having dental treatment for many years. Often living in pain or discomfort and suffering from a lack of confidence or social embarrassment because of a less than perfect smile.

“I am a very nervous patient and had the bad news that I needed 6 teeth removed. So I chose to have sedation. Wow! What a wonderful thing to have. I remember sitting in the chair, the sedative put in my hand, then nothing! I cannot remember anything at all. Its’ the best thing I have ever done. If you are thinking of sedation, go for it! You won’t be sorry!”
K Reed2/10/2013

At Portmore, we are lucky to be able to offer dental sedation to patients who suffer from extreme dental anxiety or who would simply like a ‘calmer downer’ for their first few appointments. Dental sedation is extremely safe, the drugs that we use do not have any nasty side effects. An added bonus is that patients often fall asleep during the treatment and/or lose track of time, so the appointment may only seem like a few minutes!

Our sedationists are all qualified GP’s and deliver one to one patient care, literally hand holding and guiding the patient through the whole experience.
We often find that after a few visits with sedation, patients naturally start to overcome their fear completely as they begin to feel comfortable in our surroundings and are expertly looked after by our wonderful team.

Who can have sedation?

  • Dental Phobics
  • Scared of Needles
  • Fear of dental treatments
  • Phobia of dental sounds and smells
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Sensitive gag reflex or difficulty opening mouth
  • Difficulty with anaesthesia (getting numb)
  • Those wanting a more relaxed overall experience
  • Undergoing long periods of treatment
  • Undergoing complex surgical procedures such as dental implants or extractions

If you suffer from any of the above conditions, conscious sedation might be the perfect solution for all your dental needs.

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