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Children’s Dentistry

From brushing their first tooth to their first trip to the dentist, our dedicated paediatric dental unit is here to support your children’s every oral healthcare need.

At Portmore we have a dedicated Dental Therapy team, which means that we are able to treat your children in a very relaxing and stress free environment. Our Dental Therapists have a passion for treating children and young adults, it is our goal to give kids of all ages the extra care they need to feel happy, safe and secure.

Our aim is to protect your children’s teeth, prevent decay and promote oral hygiene techniques that ensure that your children keep their teeth for life. Our specially trained therapists work closely
with each child to take care of their teeth and develop good long lasting habits for the future. We aim to promote an understanding of what causes decay by delivering exceptional Oral Health Education to al our children. We routinely educate your children about dental plaque and explain about prevention through cleaning, polishing and of course, the importance of a great diet.


Have you met Tilly the Toothfairy? Tilly is our very own Toothfairy at Portmore and she often holds group lessons during the school holiday periods to teach children how to brush their teeth. Tilly also visits our local schools, nurseries and playgroups to ensure all the children in Weybridge have a healthy smile! Are you a group that would like a visit from Tilly? Give the practice a call on 01932 855011.


For those children at risk of tooth decay, we introduce a comprehensive selection of therapies to help reduce the effects of decay. These can include saliva stimulation tests, dietary analysis and hereditary factors. For children that are undergoing Orthodontics (braces) we provide a specialised cleaning & maintenance service throughout the treatment period to ensure that teeth are at optimal health when braces are finally removed. Our patient base varies greatly, as we are able to provide excellent treatment to toddlers, children, adolescents, teens and those with special needs.


Additionally, questions and concerns from parents are always encouraged and welcomed! From thumb-sucking to hygiene and dietary habits, we’re here to help you navigate your child’s evolving dental health needs. We want to work with you and your child to maintain a healthy mouth and beautiful smile.

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