1. Nikki, you’ll find her in the garden with a G&T……

    May 30, 2017 by nikki

    I love holidays and travel, the only downside with working is that there never seems to be enough time to visit all the places on my wishlist! I think my favourite place in the world has to be Paris, I love the relaxed culture, the beautiful architecture, the museums, the food and the whole romanticism of the place. A little wander down the Seine, stopping for a cold beer on a Summers afternoon has to be my idea of heaven.

    I absolutely LOVE breakfast, if I were to miss it I would be a complete cranky pants for the rest of the day. I usually have fruit with natural yogurt, followed by granary toast & marmite. But the weekend is a totally different kettle of fish because then I have the time to make something really yummy (and take the time to relax and enjoy it), like poached eggs & avocado on toast, marmite on crumpets or boiled eggs with asparagus dippers. Our local cafe does the BEST breakfast and often my husband and I will bumble down the road and spend an hour or so people watching over our brekkie – heaven.

    My song of choice at Karaoke would be…… zero, zilch, nada – I love to sing but would not inflict it on anyone as I suspect I sound like a bag of kittens being strangled. On my drive to and from work it’s another story though…..the sound is turned up full blast, windows down and I’m squeaking out the tunes to my hearts content 🙂

    The one food I couldn’t live without would be…Pizza. Tomatoes. Salad. Yogurts. Fruit. But mostly Pizza. I was trying to think of something that made me sound a little more glamorous and worldly, but it has to be pizza. Not those horrid cardboard tasting ones you get in the supermarket, no no no. It has to be freshly made, thin base, lots of tomato sauce, very garlicky, with tuna, anchovies, black olives, red onion, rocket and parmesan. Served with a (very) large glass of red wine. Sat outside in the sun. I’m easily pleased me.

    Dream dinner date…..would always be my husband as we have the best time when we go out. But if he was unavailable, then it would be Prince William as I really like what he and the other young royals are doing for mental health awareness, I think its so important. I also think we would like a beer or five.

    My pet hate is… Bad manners, especially people who are rude to waiters or other people in the service industry, I just can’t bear it, if I saw someone being rude in that instance I would definitely (and have done) stand their ground. There is no need to ever treat anyone with anything less than kindness and respect. Oh and I don’t like it when people eat/chew with their mouths open, or noisy eaters, makes me feel a bit queezy. And dirty finger nails… (I’ll stop now otherwise I’ll sound like a whinger).

    My Summer tipple of choice is…….? I love a nice, ice cold glass of Prosecco or a Hendricks and Tonic (don’t forget the cucumber) sat outside in the garden with a good book 🙂

    For the next few months I will be….Running like a madwoman as I’m training for the New Forest marathon in September. I’ve been a runner for some years, but for the last 18 months or so it has fallen by the wayside big time, so signing up for the marathon has been a great way for me to get back into it. And I’m loving it again, at the moment I do 2 or 3 short runs during the week, 1 5 miler on Saturday and between 10-15 miles on Sunday, which will slowly increase over the following months. It’s great to feel so fit and well again. Running also means I can indulge in my love of pizza guilt free, so win-win!

    Me and Portmore – I love it here. We have a great team that is constantly growing and who are very supportive of each other, its wonderful to be a part of that. We have some HUGE changes planned for the next 6-18 months and it will really exciting to see how the practice will evolve in the near future.

  2. Find out more about our newest team member, Katie :)

    by nikki

    Hi, my name is Katie and I am the newest addition to the Portmore Dental team. Here are a few “fun facts” about me….

    Dream Holiday Destination: New Zealand! I distinctly remember writing a school paper when I was 13 years old which said that if I could go anywhere, it would be there. The Tolkien books were a big part of my childhood so naturally I wanted to go to New Zealand to see the beautiful locations where The Lord of the Rings Trilogy was filmed. Many, many, many years later, New Zealand still remains a destination I would love to experience.

    The one food I couldn’t live without would be… can coffee count as a food? It is certainly an absolute must for me to survive!

    Fave film? This one is a tough one for me! I don’t think I could pick just one favourite film but some of my favourites include: Amelie, anything directed by Wes Anderson, Pride and Prejudice, Harry Potter and The Lord of The Rings Trilogy

    My Summer tipple of choice is…… I do love a nice Blonde beer or Porter but can you really go wrong with Prosecco in the summertime? Nope!

    If I won the lotto… I would either donate a large sum of it to an animal welfare organisation or I would create and run my own animal rescue charity. I first started volunteering at animal shelters when I was in university and I discovered that a shocking number of people were never taught what it means to be a responsible pet owner and as a result there never seemed to be enough homes for domestic animals. Contributing to the betterment of animal welfare has since been a passion of mine and something I would absolutely donate my lottery winnings to.

    For the next few months I will be….trying my best to integrate with the Portmore Dental team and learning how I can effectively support our patients as a Treatment Coordinator. I will also be very busy trying to plan my wedding and renovation my house!

  3. Training & Development at Portmore

    May 16, 2017 by nikki

    There are lots of exciting developments currently underway at Portmore as we create a new vision for our future, most notably in the area of training and development.

    The senior team at Portmore have always been committed to ongoing training & development, both clinically and professionally, and our exciting plans for the future growth of Portmore now also include a much enhanced programme of training for the entire team.

    We are also thrilled to launch the Practice Development Programme, which is a networking group and study club aimed at local dentists who wish to take their practices to the next level in terms of patient care and clinical expertise. The PDP is a year long programme with some of the finest UK speakers in clinical and business focused dentistry, the programme is also an opportunity for local like-minded clinicians to share ideas/knowledge and network with their peers which means an enhanced dental experience for all of our patients!

    In addition, Portmore’s new and exciting vision for the future will incorporate a training hub for associate dentists. We want to attract the very best clinicians to our practice and so we are creating a bespoke year long training programme for new associate dentists who will be joining the practice in the future. We will shortly be announcing the arrival of a new full-time associate to our team and she will begin her immersion into the training programme in the early Autumn.

    Alongside this, the talent of our existing team members continues to shine as many of them have currently completed, or are undergoing study in order to become the very best in their field. Lara is in the final stages of her MSc, John, Eben & Johann are attending the Dawson Academy for an intensive 3 day training workshop on Smile Design in Nov, Eben and Nikki are attending a 2 day Leadership workshop in June and the entire admin team are currently studying on-line to become ‘Guru’s’ on our dental software.

    The investment in team training at Portmore is eye watering! But the feedback from our patients about our team is consistent – they are wonderful, loyal, friendly, caring, passionate, knowledgeable and welcoming, they really do make the practice what it is today, consistently trying to be the best at what they do, without our wonderful team the practice would be unable to deliver its vision.

    Our commitment is to work with the team to ensure their skill set, knowledge, education, passion and experience grows, in order for Portmore to continue to provide our patients with outstanding levels of dentistry & customer service.



  4. Meet Adriana….

    by nikki

    Hi Everyone, hope you enjoy finding out a bit more about me….

    My dream holiday destination is Turkey – I absolutely loved visiting here and would go back at any time possible. I loved the weather and scenery as well as the muslim culture, food, apple sheesha and tea.

    I love breakfast, this to me is the most Important meal of the day – I have porridge / half an avocado , cinnamon and a small cup of lavazza coffee.
    The one food I couldn’t live without would be cheese, I have this often and my favourite’s being mozzarella, parmiggiano , feta and brie.

    If I won the lotto… I would ideally be on an island , surrounded by palm tree’s with a hammock to relax and soak up the sunshine with a cocktail bar close by.

    For the next few months I will be completing a Radiography course in my spare time as I work full time at Portmore. I will also be in charge of the decontamination room as I completed my lead role for this recently.

    Me and Portmore … I really enjoy working at portmore , we have a great team here and are always supportive to one another. We also do lots out of work too, celebrating birthdays, hen parties, maternity and welcoming new team members. Portmore are very encouraging and help us to improve our knowledge by supporting us to complete new courses if we choose too.

  5. Meet Dvija…..

    by nikki

    Hi Everyone,

    My dream holiday destination would be somewhere with some long scenic hikes, a great sandy beach and warm seas. I love a long walk if the weather is right when I go away, but also like to come back and veg out with a drink by the beach or pool. I’ve always wanted to go to Bora Bora but something tells me I’d get fidgety being so secluded! If anyone has some recommendations, please let me know!

    I love breakfast because I am always starving in the morning! About 90% of the time I’m pretty boring and have the exact same breakfast- weetabix, milk and a banana. It’s the only thing I’m a true creature of habit about. If I don’t have breakfast… well you’ll probably tell if I’ve not had breakfast, I get extremely grumpy. If I’ve got the time or on weekends I’ll have avocado and poached egg on fresh bakery bread- a real treat that isn’t too bad for you!

    My song of choice at Karaoke would have to be Summer of ’69 by Bryan Adams or Mr Brightside by The Killers. Both songs are associated with some great memories with friends and family. Everyone knows the words and you can’t hear too much if you’re singing off-key!

    Fave film? Bridesmaids. I haven’t met a single person yet who doesn’t love this film. I can watch it a thousand times and never not find it hilarious! I’m still waiting on a sequel though…
    My pet hate is…when people don’t use their indicators and then get annoyed at you in traffic. They’re there for a reason people- just use them!! I can’t read your minds! Argh!

    My Summer tipple of choice is an ice cold fruit cider or Pimms. Nice and refreshing! Ideally something berry flavoured.

    Me and Portmore. I’m just coming up to being here a year and I couldn’t be more glad to be a part of this team. I’m really lucky to be here full time, working with some extremely talented, caring individuals doing a job I thoroughly enjoy. I’m so excited to be part of Portmore’s big future plans and truly look forward to continue working here for many years to come.


    Have a great day – Dee 🙂

  6. Katie loves cucumber :)

    by nikki

    Hello everyone, here is a little insight into me and my life….

    A big holiday dream of mine is to travel around America in a camper. We’ve been thinking about a 3 week trip for our honeymoon. It would ABSOLUTLEY have to end on a very hot sandy beach for at least 1 of those weeks. I need sun and sand in my life!!!

    I LOVE music. Anyone who has been unfortunate enough to witness my karaoke skills will tell you I’m just awful. But I don’t care. After a few rums, I love to belt out anything by Whitney Houston or Michael Jackson. Dance moves included.

    I know it’s boring and plain but I just could not live without cucumber. It’s delicious and I love it. You can eat with pretty much anything. At the moment I’m really loving flatbreads with hummus, tomato and of course cucumber. It’s also amazing on its own. I often eat half just as a snack.

    My Favourite film is Robin Hood Prince of Thieves. I know it pretty much word for word. Not sure why. Think its maybe because my mum made me watch it so much when I was little because she fancies the pants off Kevin Costner. I also love the Harry Potter films. Even though I prefer the books I just love watching the films seeing the books come to life.

    If I won the Lotto I would buy a lovely house with a stables and land for the horses. I’d only want about 3 horses. One for a my little nephew as he loves horses just as much as me. I’d also take all my family on a big holiday somewhere. My mum and sister would love to go Disney Florida.

    My summer Tipple is spiced rum and coke. It’s very yummy and I love it. I also love a nice cold beer in summer. Something like a Corona. Sitting on a beach with a Corona in one hand and spiced rum in the other. DREAM!!!

    Katie x

  7. Meet Caley……

    by nikki

    Hi , here’s a little bit about me and my life …


    Dream Holiday Destination …. This has to be Mexico- I loved the food / 24 hour room service, the endless choice of all inclusive cocktails, the friendly people,  Cancun , the swim up bar overlooking the white sandy beach and of course the heat / gorgeous sunshine !

    I love breakfast ideally with a view – preferably in a hot country by the water – sun and sea with good company and food- what better way to start the day!
    The one food I couldn’t live without would be…Spaghetti Bolognese – I simply love it! …Its so quick to prepare, easy to make and tasty every time – (of course. because I made it !!)
    Fave film? …. “The best of me” – I ended up watching this film unintentionally and by the end of it I had a lump in my throat and was sobbing . It really is a lovely film and makes you realise what is important in life and how love can truly be wonderful and simple if you let it.

    Dream dinner date…. This would have to be my Dad !!! I simply don’t get to see him much due to a hectic work schedule. It would be lovely to have a sit down meal and have some proper quality time with good food and conversation.
    For the next few months ….I will be on maternity leave, I am expecting my first baby boy in June and intend to try and rest wherever possible before he arrives. I’m looking forward to my next chapter as “mummy”. I shall be preparing any last minute essentials before his due date arrives – whilst also enjoying the break from 10 + years dental nursing.
    Me and Portmore …. Will be reunited in the near future- I want to return to work part time hopefully to be a professional as well as a mummy still. I love my job as Therapy Nurse and have done other qualifications to get where I am today so I hope to still continue this by helping patients with their Oral Health and dental experience’s.

    I love the team we have at Portmore , we laugh lots and support & encourage each other when needed and I shall miss that …until I return from maternity of course!

    See you all soon !!!



  8. Meet Melanie….

    April 26, 2017 by nikki

    We think its important for you to get to know our wonderful team here at Portmore, and so every week we will post a guest blog from each team member, this week we start with our Head Receptionist, Melanie…

    “I’m going to tell you a little bit about myself, my likes and some hopes and dreams…….

    Dream Holiday Destination

    Let’s start with a holiday, a dream destination. I think I’d like to go Hawaii. I think what draws me to think of that place is the heat, I don’t like being cold, it puts me in a bad mood and also the people seem to be friendly, always dancing around in Hula skirts. Yes, I could certainly imagine myself in those beautiful surroundings.

    I love breakfast

    The most important meal of the day is of course breakfast. Everyone here always starts the day with a good meal. If calories were no issue I’d choose a massive bowl of Sugar Puffs but of course they do so I opt for yogurt and some muesli. Sugar Puffs, now there’s a guilty pleasure as well as an 80’s power ballad but lets keep that between ourselves.

    Fave film?

    I’m not really a film person, unless it’s a trip to the pictures. If I was at home I’d rather be watching a documentary about murders and crime, that’s if I could stay awake long enough. Anyone else fall asleep on the sofa most nights?

    Dream dinner date…..

    Now I know that my choice of dream dinner date should be my husband, Trevor but nah! It’s a choice between Prince Harry or James May from Top Gear. I love James and always will but on this occasion I’m going to pick Prince Harry. I’d love to know more about him and I imagine him to have a wicked sense of humour. Someone you could kick back and have a beer with but also what an amazing young man he’s grown up to be.

    My Summer tipple of choice is……

    Gin is trendy at the moment and I’m a sucker for a good bit of marketing. If a package looks nice and all the cools cats are doing it, I want to do it too. Yep give me a trendy gin on a hot summers evening and I’d be happy. Give me eight and I’d be ecstatic.

    If I won the lotto 🙂

    I’m not financially driven and pretty happy with my lot but if I were to win big on the lottery tomorrow my first luxury purchase would be a brand new Aston Martin for my husband. I know he’d love one and it might make up in some way that I have chosen to have dinner with two other men before him.
    For the next few months I will be….

    Now summer is nearly upon us and it’s my favourite time of year, it’s when I come alive. Long days and evenings. I’m an early bird so to sit out in the garden with a cup of coffee is, I think, the best way to start the day. I’ll be spending a lot of time in the garden over the next few months.

    Me and Portmore
    I love working at Portmore because not a day passes that I don’t laugh out loud. The team we have here is by far the best I have ever worked with. The dentists are compassionate, caring and forward thinking. This isn’t your average dental practice and Portmore have big plans for the future and I for one feel honoured to be a part of it”

  9. Portmore Girls Midnight Moonwalk for Breast Cancer Care

    April 4, 2017 by nikki

    The lovely girls at Portmore – Adriana, Lara, Emma, Liz, Dvija and Nikki are walking the Midnight Moonwalk on Sat 13th May for Breast Cancer Care.

    This is a walking marathon (yes, a whole 27 miles!!) around the sights of London with thousands of other ladies all with the common goal of raising money for this wonderful charity. We are training in earnest, lots of long evening walks and very early weekend starts!

    Luckily no blisters yet, but watch this space……

    This is the 20th MoonWalk London and we are all excited to be taking part in this great event to raise awareness, get fit and have fun… Whoopee!

    Walking the Walk can save lives, and is an opportunity for us to do something that will also benefit not only cancer patients today, but with research that is funded by sponsorship, the future health of us all.

    . We need your help to continue making a difference where it counts.

    Many of you have very kindly donated already and we are nearly halfway to our £1000 target! If you would like to help us to raise some money please click on the link below to donate, even if you just donate the cost of your morning latte we would be truly grateful.


  10. Dental Therapy at Portmore

    by nikki

    Did you know that our Dental Therapist’s can provide dentistry? No? Let me explain….

    We have a wonderful Therapy team at Portmore, Dvija and Lois, who can provide dentistry alongside professional hygiene services. Therapists undergo additional training at Dental University to allow them to provide dental procedures such as white fillings, tooth whitening, periodontal treatment and much more.


    We are very lucky at Portmore as both our Therapists have a passion & special interest in providing composite (white) fillings for patients. Both Lois and Dvija have completed extensive hands-on training with some on the best clinicians in the UK which, along with on-going mentoring, means that they continue to stay abreast of the very latest techniques.

    White fillings are their passion! They have developed an eye for anatomy & shading which ensures that patients get very natural and aesthetically pleasing results.



    All patients requiring tooth-coloured fillings are referred to our Therapists, the reasons are two-fold;

    1) It means that our patients will receive skilled treatment from Therapy clinicians who have a special interest & a specific focus in this area of dentistry.

    2) It means that our senior clinicians can concentrate on more complex dentistry, our lovely patients no longer have to wait weeks for Smile Design or Orthodontic treatment, you can now be seen within 10 days!

    3) Patients are able to have their dental treatment at the same time as their professional cleaning should they wish, saving patients valuable time.

    If you require a new or replacement filling, Dvija or Lois will provide your tooth coloured restoration.